App Privacy Policy

Handling of acquired information in this application, etc. HOBEEC Inc. will determine the information to be acquired independently by the application, its purpose of use, etc. as follows.

Acquired information
We will acquire and use information of users in this application and this service. If you can not provide information, we may not be able to use all or part of this application and this service.

1. Terminal information
Acquisition information: information relating to the terminal such as ID for identifying the user’s terminal and version of the OS, mail address of the user

Acquisition method: Automatic acquisition

2. Location information
Acquisition information: position information

Acquisition method: Automatic acquisition

3. Purchasing information
Acquisition information: in-app purchase information

Acquisition method: Automatic acquisition

4. Advertisement identifier
Acquisition information: Advertising Identifier (iOS) or Advertising ID (Android)

Acquisition method: Automatic acquisition

5. Information on inquiries
Acquired information: Information to be entered on the inquiry input form such as the ID of this application and information on the terminal you use, confirmation items to request additionally from our company, mail address

Acquisition method: Input by user (* Automatic acquisition only by mailer by mailer)

purpose of use

· To confirm the identity of the user
· To prevent you from using in a manner that violates the terms of use
· To provide services that require location information
· Trend trend survey for investigation
· For inquiries
· For advertisement distribution suitable for users
· To measure advertisement posting effect
· For reply to inquiries and confirmation of identity
Stop sending acquisition information

We do not provide a means to stop automatic acquisition of acquired information by this application. Please uninstall this application if you want to stop automatic transmission of acquisition information.